High above the Lennetal and visible from afar, are the Sauerland pyramids not the typical landmark you’d expect to find, but one that makes Sauerland even more attractive due to the landscape design and pyramid-shaped buildings design. There are a total of seven pyramids, four of them rising the attraction of the park. Owner and founder, Wolfgang Schmidt wanted to create a place to amaze and astonish people, as well as to entertain them. The park honours the name of Galileo. Scientific exhibitions are presented throughout the year in these award-winning designed pyramids. The fun manner in the presentations turns the park into a scientific playground for young and old.

Sauerland Pyramiden 4-7
57368 Lennestadt/Meggen
Phone: +49 (0)2721-60077-10


Personenschifffahrt Biggesee

The white fleet of the Biggesee, The MS Westphalia and MS Bigge invite you to take a boat trip in a modern exclusive atmosphere. Enjoy your trip in any weather with fine food and drinks in the onboard restaurant.

Personenschifffahrt Biggesee
Am Hafen 1
57462 Olpe
Phone: +49 (0)2761-9 65 90


Aqua Park Olpe

The aqua park in Olpe is another attraction within short distance of camping Biggesee, just the place for children and adults to experience a fun-filled swimming day with many other highlights. Not only the indoor but also the outdoor pools are perfect for every weather. Sauna lovers will really feel at home with the choices on offer, the perfect location to help the daily stress disappear. Here, it’s not only hot in summer!

Freizeitbad Olpe
Seeweg 5
57462 Olpe
Phone: +49 (0)2761-9 38 50


Atta cave Attendorn

Discovered in 1907 during limestone quarrying, this is the most popular attraction in Sauerland. Over 40 million visitors from around the world have visited Germany’s largest and perhaps most beautiful stalactite cave. Thousands of visitors every year pass through the 80 meter long access tunnel down into the colourful world of stalactites, stalagmites. Discover the fascinating limestone paradise in the southern part of Sauerland, the largest interconnected cave system in Germany.

Atta-Höhle Attendorn
Finnentroper Straße 39
57439 Attendorn
Phone: +49 (0)2722-9 37 50



This Festival celebrates one of Germany’s favourite authors, Karl May. Well known and popular in German speaking countries, Karl May is unfortunately little known elsewhere due to the poor translated of some of his works into English. During the summer months there is a well loved open air performance of the characters created in his books.The festival offers no rides,no roundabouts, no roller coasters, the actors and the animals are the main attraction. They also offer humorous 4-course dinner shows in winter, and great concerts and events throughout the year. You can enjoy a wonderful time in Europe’s largest Festival Park – the Elspe Festival is proud to have had over 12 million visitors in the past 50 years!

Elspe Festival GmbH
Zur Naturbühne 1
57368 Lennestadt-Elspe
Phone: +49 (0)2721-9 44 40


PanoramaPark Sauerland Wildpark

An adventure playground and wildlife Park in one, the variety of attractions are immense and everyone’s had a great time by the end of the day. Why not take a ride on the summer toboggan run, or bounce around on the giant trampoline, or you can just relax on the lawn and leave the kids do whatever they want. The perfect park for the entire family, here you can observe wolves, lynx, otter, deer herds, wild boar, and bison, or why not stroll along the Rhododendron-Alley, and maybe get some hints and tips in the flora information garden. We’re looking forward to your visit.

PanoramaPark Sauerland Wildpark
Rinsecker Straße 100
57399 Kirchhundem
Phone: +49 (0)2723-71 62 20


Technical cultural monument Wendener Hütte

Wenden is home to an old ironworks and hammer mill, making it a cultural monument to the early days of industrialisation. The facility is located in the town of Wenden, is one of the oldest blast furnaces in Germany. There is a visitors centre and a small, but fascinating museum dedicated to the history of iron. There are also a wide range of events and exhibitions on offer.

Museum Wendener Hütte
Hochofenstraße 6
57482 Wenden
Phone: +49 (0)2761-8 14 01


Observation tower Hohe Bracht

The landmark of Olpe is the observation tower of Hohe Bracht in Lennestadt. The tower is 620 meters above sea level and offers a magnificent view over the land of a thousand hills. For hiking enthusiasts there are several well-marked hiking trails, and for lovers of winter sport there is a ski lift and around 20 km of trails for cross-country skiing and ski hiking. The restaurant can seat 200 visitors, and is open all year.

Aussichtsturm Hohe Bracht:
Phone: +49 (0)2723-23 95